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LaLeipsig jewels sieradenLa Leipsig Jewels make you feel Elegant and Strong,

giving you a Confident Feminine Look.


Each Silver Art piece is Sculpted Individual,

has Thoughtful Symbolic Language,

and is Comfortable to Wear.


Helga van Leipsig (CV)

LaLeipsig amsterdam canalsAmsterdam is a big and lively city.
Many options to spend your time.

But what if you like contemporary jewelry and have just one day to explore my capital? Plus you want to visit some great shops to see & buy fun, design, quirky, beautiful gifts and memories.

I give you 6 gallery suggestions, a collection in the Rijksmuseum and three great shopping area’s.

The Galleries

  1. Rob Koudijs  Elandsgracht 12, Amsterdam.
    This gallery represents a very motivated group of jewelry artists who produce work challenging the borders of the applied and the fine arts.

  2. Galerie Ra  Nes 120, Amsterdam.
    Owner Paul Derrez is specialized in contemporary jewelry design and vessels but also regularly features objects.

  3. Hans Appenzeller  Grimburgwal 1, Amsterdam.
    Hans Appenzeller is known for the simplicity and strength of his designs. Solo gallery.

  4. Van Der Laag Galerie & Atelier  Spiegelgracht 36 Sous, Amsterdam.
    The gallery is specialized in contemporary jewelry, made from high quality materials and made by good craftsmanship.  As a jewelry designer Eline van der Laag shows not only her own work (MOYA) but also the work of jewelry designers from all over the world.

  5. Gallery Louise Smit
    Was specialized in Internationally contempory jewelry. Unfortunatly it closed in autumn 2012. Here an article from Liesbeth Besten about Gallery Louise Smit on AJF

  6. Anneke Schat  Spiegelgracht 20A, Amsterdam
    One of my favorite Dutch jewelry designers. Solo gallery

7.  Rijksmuseum  Beside  that our Rijksmuseum is always worth a visit, since 2010 there is a special jewelry collection donated by Marjan Unger and her husband Gerard. She used this work for her book: “Het Nederlandse Sieraad in de 20ste eeuw” (translated: “The Dutch Jewel of the 20th Century”, written only in Dutch but with many beautiful pictures)  The jewels described in this book form the entire jewellery collection that is donated to The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam! You can read an excellent interview from her by Margriet Sopers

LaLeipsig visits-Amsterdam



A De 9 straatjes
De 9 Straatjes is part of the Amsterdam Canal District that is on the Unesco World Heritage listing, since 2010.  You can find here cool shops, great restaurants, a lot of architectural buildings. Totally fun to just walk around with no particular plan. Also many craft jewelry stores, like meCHICas.

A.1 TIP: Close to "De 9 straatjes" there is Cachou Artelier on Sint Nicolaasstraat 68. This is a goldsmith atelier open to public while creating and designing the precious pieces. Plus you can find some topclass vintage furniture (I love vintage!)

The Spiegelkwartier is the place where you will find antiques or modern art. Just across the bridge opposite the Rijksmuseum you will find this historical neighbourhood with its typical old Dutch houses. Lovely to just wander from the Rembrandtplein down the Nieuwe Spiegelgracht, then to the left over the Prinsengracht and than up the Utrechtsestraat till your back at Rembrandtplein.

A busy street with many unique, eye-catching stores. Lifestyle, interior design, fashion, gifts, gourmet food, music and literature. A street that will leave you overwhelmed with options. You will also find authentic, welcoming bars and restaurants between the stores.
This is a great place to be, I always try to go there when I visit the Capital.

Final tip: Don’t forget to get your coffee or beer in one of the local café’s.

Enjoy your stay in my capital, I wish you lots of fun, and please tell me your story about Amsterdam in the comments.

Dag! (Goodbye in Dutch ;-) )


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