"Everything that grows can tell you something"

Helga van Leipsig is an independent jewellery maker working with precious metals living in the south of The Netherlands.

Her biggest inspiration source, in a very basic way, is Nature. She believes that everything that grows can tell you something, if only we would listen. By observing and listening she tries to find out what Nature wants to say to her. She does this through drawing, writing and photography, mostly with a macro-lens to take close-ups. Often she shares it on her blog so people can follow her process.

Sketch of a sunflower by Helga van LeipsigPrecious Metal Clay is in relation to metalsmithing a new material and process. Helga finds this new malleble silver so fascinating that she keeps on exploring it. Curiosity fuels her actions, to actively research all the possibilities. She tries to find suitable applications for the characteristics of Metal Clay, to find solutions that are difficult or shear impossible to achieve with the traditional metalsmiths way.

These two motivators, Precious Metal Clay and Nature, meet each other in her jewellery. In her work it magically works together, the malleable Metal Clay is an excellent medium to express thoughts about Nature. Like the traces of farmers plowing, the growth of a tree bark, and the erosion in sandstone.

She has written articles for Art Jewelry Magazine which now live on the Facet Jewelry site, collaborated with Alison Lee on Craftcast, spoke at several international conferences and was a finalist for the Saul Bell Award. More information can be found on her resumé list or in Julia Rai's article for Metal Clay Artist Magazine.


Have look in Helga's studio

A short film made by Lyenna Hoogmans.

You can see me working on a silver ring called Antelope#1 from the Erosion collection.


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