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Once every seven years in the small country-village of Beesel in the south of Holland the historical saga of St. George and the Dragon is performed in a an impressive setting, with a horrifying flamethrowing monster in a sinister lead role.

It is this roaring prehistoric reptile that inspired the Dragon-collection, fiery and prickly, with teeth, eyes and scales, combined in jewellery of sparkling elegance, with a wink to the serpent.

Main part of the dragon jewellery are handmade small prickly scales, scales I stole from the mighty monster. They have a texture like the skin of a dragon.

The shape of this two-directional element, this is called anti-clastisch, refers to good and evil. This fight between Good and Evil, like in the play, is the fight we have to fight as human beings.

With these scales and 7 different coloured gem-beads I build
the several necklaces and bracelets.

Lapiz Lazuli – blue,  Carnelian – clear red, Tiger Eye – brown, Onyx – black, Jade – green, Amethist – purple and Garnet – dark red.

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Supple necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet. ...

Sales price: € 310,00

Playful Dragon collier

Playfull collier from the dragoncollection. Fine silver ...

Sales price: € 250,00


Supple necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet. ...

Sales price: € 240,00

Dragonskin Eye ring

A 8 mm wide silver ring with cabochon stone. A perfect fit ...

Sales price: € 210,00
Sales price: € 165,00

Dragonskin ring

A 6 mm wide silver ring. A perfect fit for the necklaces ...

Sales price: € 145,01

Playful Dragon earrings

Cheerful silver earrings with garnets. Choice of different ...

Sales price: € 115,00
Sales price: € 110,00

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