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Visiting Munich, galeries and museum

A beautiful waterplay just opposite the Frauenkirche.On a beautiful october day I was lucky to have one day to spend in Munich just on my own. I decided on several galeries a museum and one church. I started taking the metro to the centre of the town. From there it was a short walk to the Frauenkirchen that is considered a landmark and a symbol of the Bavarian capital city.

Then I started looking for Galerie Hund. It is a galerie that carries artists like Angela Hübel, Bettina Dittlmann & Michael Jank, Christiane Iken, and others... Here you will find a lot of gold and silver jewellery beautiful made.  Isabella Hund, the owner of the shop and maker of many pieces in the shop showed me some fine examples.

The museum "der Pinothek der moderne" was next on my list. I got sidetracked by a galerie just opposite with the name: Galerie an der Neue Pinotheca der Moderne from Barbera Ruetz.  Here work from artist Beili Lui was on display. Her installation with red circles touched me. I had the chance to sit undisturbed by anyone. I higly recommend her work.

    Beili Liu installation | Lure/Forest, Thread, needle, dimesions variable, (each coil 2-5" in diameter)

Beili Liu - Toil | burned paper rolled to these vulnerable shapes put on a wall. A soft breeze moves them.


Munich galerie SpektrumGalerie Spektrum had a solo exhibition of danish artist Karen Pontoppidan, Canvas. In stock work from Ruudt Peters, Anton Cepka, Iris Eichenberg, Peter Scubic... and more!

It was a well spent day with in the evening a large German beer and some food in a beer garten and finishing it of with dancing some salsa with my man!

Sunny Silver Earrings

Playing around with a new punch and my Ceramic Decals I made these fun earrings that catch the attention everytime I wear them. First I made the squares that have a shallow concave shape with silver metal clay. After thumbling I applied the decals and fired them to make the bond permanent.

Silver earrings with Ceramic Decals

And the Story Continues...

Two months of active writing in the beginning of 2011 gave me a feeling of what blogging could be. I enjoyed this first start in blogging water.  But I had to rethink a lot of issues that I was not happy with . The subject, Metal Moments, was to limiting (you can still read them though!). The blog should be incorporated in my existing site: La Leipsig Jewels and that meant relocating everything I build till then. Well that part is just finished, yeah!
And most important, what was I about to write?

So I started reading other blogs, and thinking, and trying, and doing a lot of research. The best blogs are the ones where people stay close to themselves and be very sincere. And that is what I want to do. Describing what I do, things that move me and other related stuff that I still have to find out.

I do not know where the road will lead me but I have trust in the process. So I want to take you with me on my journey as a maker of things. The curvy road that sometimes leads to nowhere. I know it has hidden treasures in the bushes and I am determined to find them.

The Story continues...

About La Leipsig

The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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