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The Tortoise & the Hare After reading an eye opening article called The Default Parent, I know why I am so frustrated lately.

A family needs a captain and in our house that’s me.

My work gives way to tasks concerning the household and the people in it. That’s no problem, I handle it, but in the end there is less energy left for LLJ.

Particularly if the energy left is used in blaming myself for not doing enough (what is enough anyway?). Or surfing online, comparing myself with other artists!

Slowly I have come to peace with the fact that my company LLJ will grow organically with the pace of a tortoise. Fortunately I have much affinity with this beautiful determined animal.

I am one of those lucky people that knows what she wants to do in life. I observe natures growing processes and translate them into jewellery, with help of my favourite material: precious metal clay.

So I have found solace in the fable from Aesopus the Tortoise & the Hare.
Make haste slowly – Festina Lente (the motto of my hometown).
I too will get to the finish in my own pace, on my own conditions.

From Quin McDonalds blog I learned to record my own progress in a journal.
Did I get one step closer to realization of my dream/goal today?


That’s enough.

No longer am I tempted to compare myself with other people, with other life’s.

I live my own life!


Enjoy Life, Ray by Ray.

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The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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