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"Plop" and then it was open, the Evening Primrose.

Days in the planning inside the flower bud.
It’s a pioneer plant that grows on suddenly open fields with big yellow cup shaped petals.

The flower, who has a delicate and sweet smell, opens very quickly.
It's an amazing sight that I managed to capture in this real-time video:


This summer was a time of reflection.

I had to turn my eyes inside and answer some questions. What are my motives to go on with La Leipsig Jewels? How can I serve my customers best? Am I still a fan of metal clay? What have I accomplished till now? How does my energy level work now I am getting older?

My son left the house in May. Having only one child, this made me an empty nester. That had to get a place too. The last year we had more fights than that it was fun at home.

It was an erosive power. (No wonder I have a fascination for earth’s most powerful process!)

So I gave myself time to rest, to get a fresh perspective. I made long walks with our shepherd dog, worked in the garden. Took responsibility for my weight loss and consulted a food-coach (with good result, I gained 3 kilo).

On the business level I invested in 3 courses on Creativelive. First was Tara Gentile's Build a Stand-Out Biz, second Megan Auman's Make a living Selling what you Make and last but not least an online conference about improving your holiday sales.

I love learning and being able to do this at home at my computer suits me. You get top education geared towards new technologies. It’s a mental investment, it helped me to answer the questions I had and to gain more body, to mature ...

With this knowledge I am ready to make changes in my company. I will retire several collections.
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Then I'm going to focus on the remaining collections and deepen the series.

I feel now as the Evening Primrose, ready, no, eager to bloom!

It's time :-)


evening primrose


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The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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