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silver focus pendant peridotAs a creative entrepreneur I am boss over my own time. That sounds great but in real live I was having some problems lately. I am talking about my facebook addiction, because that is what it is. Too often I reach for my phone to "check" on news & notifications, chipping away from my creative time.

Contemplating & rewriting the text of my Earth collection, it dawned upon me. I needed to change the pattern! Make new habits and protect myself from going "down the rabbit hole". To use my time effectively to create jewellery or written content.

So I de-activated my personal fb-account. Cold Turkey!
This will stay at least for 1 week. Then I evaluate if I want to keep it that way. Writing it down here on my blog feels good, like I have an accountability partner :-)

The La Leipsig Jewels facebook page is a different beast. I use it as a way to promote my brand. And I will continue to do so. Better even, I will have more time to create meaningful content. It will give me focus. 

My new pattern of working will be creating jewels or writing content in the morning. During lunch time I can post a picture, drawing or blog-link on my La Leipsig instagram account or La Leipsig Jewels page. In the afternoon and evening I have time for garden work, cooking, visiting friends and social work.

Another way of keeping in touch is subscribing to my newsletter.
Then you get a seasonal compilation of my activities with a maximum of 4 letters a year.

Well, that's it. I am of to my studio, got a new idea brewing :-)


About La Leipsig

The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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