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Last week I gave myself the opportunity to explore new ideas with my favorite material: silver clay. Every artist has his own style. Mine is one of reading, sketching, experimenting with different materials, evaluating, writing and then again by working on it. I always feel like a turtle when I'm working, slowly but thoroughly going through the process.

Silverclay meteorite impact design tests

What did I want to achieve with this work week?

To give the answer, I first have to tell you about an online course I followed: "Our Earth: its Climate, History and Processes". In engaging lessons the scientists of the University of Manchester explain the forming processes of our Earth. Meteorites have had quite some influence as you can learn in the first chapter (go ahead, sign up, it's free). A beautiful example of a meteorite crater on Earth is in Arizona but on the moon landscape you can observe many types of impact craters. The impact of a meteorite had my attention.

My starting point was the division of a sphere (the Earth) in 8 parts. In the eighth part of a sphere, I constructed part of a sphere that resembles a crater. My tests are done with porcelain clay and polymer clay, good substitutes for the precious silver clay, giving me freedom to explore my ideas.

Silverclay meteorite impact pendant with enamelThen I engraved erosion elements around the "crater", the same type I used in my previous series. Next, I enameled the "crater floor" with green to show the mantle rock (peridotite) of the earth.

I'm not sure yet...

It's time to let it rest a while, to evaluate it. Does it fit in my collection? Have I explored the possibilities enough? I know I'm not on the right path. How do I know? I cannot say exactly, that's quite intuitive.

For example, the enameling process was a bit over the edge. Yes, it looks cool, but it's not quite right with the theme which underlies this pendant. But I am satisfied that I have tried.

I leave it for now and will be going back there next time.

There are plenty of other things to do this week.
Like my accounting!

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