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Miss Elliot a silver pendantToday I am making a Miss Elliot pendant with a green stone as centre piece. It's a silver pendant that can be ordered on request in the stone colour of your choice. This time I work with a Peridot, a lovely green colour and my personal favorite.

Everytime I work on a jewel from the Elliot collection I think back to our Australia trip. We went visiting friends and travelled a bit to see the landscape.

One of our number one choices was the most southern island of the great barrier reef. It’s called Lady Elliot, an eco-resort. We flew from Hervey Bay with a little plane. Our son was 11 and he made this little video you can see here. You can even hear him say “Dit is Lady Elliot

On the island we had a snorkeldive in the reef that surrounds Elliot. It was great but my forte is definitely not in the water. I stayed the afternoon on the beach while the boys kept snorkling in the sea.

On my own I walked down the beach and enjoyed myself. Taking pictures, sketching AND mold making. (in this google album some images of Lady Elliot)

Since I work with metal clay I always have a small portion of mold material with me. With that I can capture textures so I can use them at home. Lady Elliot was a treasure box for me. Shells, coral and plants where scattered among the beautiful beach. Heaven!

Working on a silver Miss Elliot pendantWorking on a silver Miss Elliot pendantBack at home I captured my thoughts of the island in the Miss Elliot pendant. I used the coralmold to make the eye shape, remember this is how I see the island! The green colour of the peridot was just the perfect fit for me. It brings back memories of the little lagoon that shimmers green from all the plants.

Although a saffire or emerald are great as well. One customer even ordered a ruby version. As I sculpt them all myself, each of the pendants is a bit different than the other but in style alike.

I love making them as they bring back great memories.

elliot-coral-la-leipsigThe coral on Lady Elliots beach. From this one I made a mold
that is used for all the jewellery of the Lady Elliot series.

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The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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