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antelope paperframeIn my workshop I use folded loose sheets of paper to write my inspiration on. After a while I bind them together to create a book with the coptic stitch methode.

My Earth and Erosion papers have been binded like this, with lots of extra space to write new notes in.

This morning I took out my travellog of our journey to the South-West of the United States of Amerika in 2014. I wanted to consciously re-connect with this journey by writing in my Earth and Erosion notebook.

You can read how I re-connect with journeys in this blogpost: Capture Your Precious Travel Moments for Future Creative Projects

It was a feast to read back about the walk in the Grand Canyon and our visit to Antelope Canyon. I marveled at the pictures with red hued layers. After an hour of reading I started drawing elements that spoke to me from my pictures.

I cut two L-shaped white elements that I place over a picture to find the detail I want to draw. Like this I isolate without distraction as you can see on picture below. Today I only drew with a black pencil. Tomorrow I will draw with earth colors.

My understanding why I love this landscape was growing with each drawing. It's in the stacking of colors, the grain of the sandstone, the curves and lines …

I even found use for my thick paper I made yesterday. I will use them to frame my pictures on. 

antelope drawings


In the afternoon I played with porcelain clay.

First I had to recycle dried clay by adding water to it. After laying it on a gypsum plate I soon got the right consistency to draw and form patterns in the soft clay.

I used only a paletknife as shown. After each texture I took some pictures and then I smoothend the surface and started all over.

Like sketching.

porcelainclay tests

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