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antelope color sketchAlready day four of my Summer Art Retreat At Home.
I woke up to a feeling of uneasiness.
A doubt towards myself and my creative process.

Why am I doing this retreat?
There is nothing coming out of it!
What is the use of this?


I know this voice, it bothered me before.
Actually, the exact reason why I do this retreat.
To confront the voices, and accept that they are part of my creative process.

I will listen to them, acknowledge the feeling but then go on with my plan.
And my plan for today was drawing in the morning.

So I did.

Again I took my pictures from our visit to Antelope Canyon and zoomed in on some details and started drawing. Four minutes for each drawing. In no time I had a bunch of sketches that help me observing the beauty of Erosion in the Canyon.

During my mid-day meditation session I got an idea. Why not draw one of my quick sketched in in the silver sand on the floor?

This I will do tomorrow as it was time for lunch and my plans for the afternoon where already set.


Papermaking - part 2

Because I anticipated my morning dip I invited two friends in the afternoon to join me in papermaking. Angelique and Nicole were excited to see the process and eager to make paper. 

On the picture you see Nicole putting the sieve with paper pulp onto the felt. Angelique is waiting to press the water out of the paper so the sieve can be taken of to make a new sheet.

papermaking nicole angelique

I had two boxes of pulp prepared. One white and one green from the horsetail plant material.  It was fun to explain the several steps involved. (see also Monday's post)

The press we are using is a second-hand bookpress, quite useful for getting rid of the water. You see me here putting the stack of felt and paper in between so we can start pressing.

papermaking helga press

We didn't do a whole lot in the 2 hours, but there was a basic understanding of the process and we had a lot of fun.
The pictures were taken by Angelique. Thank You sweetie :-)

I've uploaded a whole bunch of pictures on my La Leipsig facebook page.

papermaking friends


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