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Helga sunflower fibonacciAgain I am struck by inspiration for another Summer Art Residence at Home. After quite an eventful half year with lots of commision work that feels really, really good!

The main culprit was my fascination for the Fibonacci patterns in sunflowers. This year I have grown these gorgeous flowers in my garden and they turned out pretty big. As you can see.

I blogged about it on my garden site over at "Edelsmid met Groene Vingers". Mainly with pictures, so go ahead, and click on the link.

With two weeks of hardly any obligations I can play/work as much as I like. I guess for people with a daytime job that is called a vacation. Being an artist, doing nothing, is not our cup of tea.

I like to be active with my hands & head. That is probably the reason S.A.R.A.H. has emerged in my life. (Read about 2013, 2014 and 2017)

The first week of August is in the middle of the holiday period. Lots of people are abroad and our little town is perfectly quite.

sunflower close-up


There are a few sources I can quote for creative sparks:

  • A bracelet commission and realization I hardly carry any bracelets in my webshop
  • A new tool to make bracelets
  • Challenge envy and earring catch up with non-precious materials. playtime
  • A new obsession for nature's patterns: The Sunflower

When I combine these seemingly unrelated points I have the perfect Art residence for me alone.

It's like a melting pot of creative energy. I follow my trail. Don't know where I will end.

We'll see…..

Here are a few pictures with explanation of the first days.
It started with my fascination for patterns in a sunflowers. In mathematics they are called Fibonacci sequence.

Without any prior knowledge I started drawing the first pattern on the floor with chalk.
I had a little helper: my godchild Anna who was visiting that day.

sunflower pattern anna

It was fun but not very accurate.

Studing on some mathematics and using the circle divider from Tim McCreight I got more precise divisions of the circle.

calculating fibonacci

helga drawing fibonacci patterns

But drawing the 3rd set of spirals, I noticed it was off. It didn't look like the flower before my eyes. So back to the drawing board. 

Inspired by Viharts "Doodling in Math" video, I took some acrylic paint and counted out, in sets of 5, the spirals I could find on my actual sunflower.

The green markings counted 55 spirals and the red ones are 89 spirals. The exact amout of fibonacci spirals!

Sequence of Fibonacci is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89, ... etc. (Have a look at the Fibonacci-page of this cool site hosted by the University of Surrey about math

sunflower fibonacci paint

A red set of 34 lines, blue 21 lines. Then by carefully observing the crosspoints of blue and red I found the 3rd set of lines here drawn in yellow.

spirals 34 21 13


It was fun to figure out how to draw the lines on the floor with chalk. Work on big scale is so different as I am usually doing. Now I was forced to rething what I thought I knew. You can always learn something new.


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