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Silver Inner Star My own Silver Inner Star is inspiring me to follow my heart to make this retreat a succes.


Since publishing my resolution to do an Art Residence At Home, I’ve been busy.

First I wanted to finish the commitments that couldn’t wait till after Sunday 21th. Having them done, gives me peace of mind. Fact is that the summer holiday period brings more free time. So choosing July looks like a perfect timing.

My post-it vision board helped me to sort out what I want to do. I mean, I have 7 days and without planning, time will slip away. What I do will be told in the daily posts, so keep sure you follow me...

One sub-board is food planning. I am at home and responsible for cooking. For me it's one form of creating and I don't mind doing it in the Residence. I love cooking for my family. Normally I look in the fridge and make something from what's inside. I am very impulsive. Problem is, it takes to much time. I want to eliminate on that part.

Enter the food-plan. I wrote down for everyday what to make and what I need. It are fast & favourite dishes while being healthy. Today I did the shopping for the whole week. My son will take care for any additional shopping if neccessary next week.

Because of my my plan to work in different media, I required some additional supplies. A trip to Robbelien, my favorite Art supply store yielded: felt, paper, charcoal, clay, soapstone, and several interesting clay tools. Some of them I am going to use this week on porcelainclay.

It's funny how my experience in organizing summer camps for children is helping me to make my own retreat. Many years I have focused on other peoples needs and now it feels right to shift this energy over to me. It's like my own Inner Star is guiding me to the best possible way, I am filled with lots of energy and focus.

I am very curious what a whole week will bring!

Sunday 14th July around 21u Amsterdam time (CEST) will be the first post.
Expect play, experiments and fairy-tales...

See you in the comments :-)


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