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art-retreat helga 5044Ready to go drawing. . .Monday 15th July


Till now I am doing fine, although it takes a lot of energy to maintain the high pace you have in a summer retreat.

Let me share some things I did today.

Recognize grow lines through drawing

To get out of the house, I planned a drawing session. I wanted to observe the usual places through “charcoal”.

Drawing is not my favorite activity, but being a sunny day it was very reasonable. I did bring my camera to help me frame the drawing through taking a picture. Sketching was for no longer than 7 minutes on A3 paper.  And I mean strict, with a timer!
Every half hour I changed places to see new landscapes.

Although it was morning it became soon quiet hot, so after two hours I went home for a refreshment.  Back in the shed I chose 1 of the drawings: the tree bark. I gave myself the task to draw it again but now on A2 paper. Several sheets were filled with this tree bark.

At a certain point I “got” it.

One of the tree bark drawingsOne of the tree bark drawings When I make several pieces of a sketch I get a connection. Hidden structures become visible or thoughts about the function get combined.

The bark is part of the big system that makes the tree grow up in the sky while standing solid on the ground. It’s such a great visual and a magnificent structure/texture.

All this week I have planned activities that are out of my comfort zone. Every morning a different one. I hope they will bring me new insights when I go back to work with metal clay.

Today’s session did help me get new ideas that I am eager to try in clay.

Porcelain clay & body talk

Actually in the afternoon I used some of this inspiration in the porcelain session.  I made another series of 9 clay samples. This time I tried to work more free and not limit myself in working too small. I'll have to try again tomorrow because I wasn't satisfied how it went.

My body was giving me some signs too. I was very tired and had a slight headache. Most likely to blame on my coffee stop. I have to adjust for it and I help by drink lots of water. Coffee is the only food I stop using for the rest I am just following my normal routine.

Relaxing through filing

In my schedule I planned the time before dinner with actions I want to do but don’t need a lot of thinking. My hands will work on the routine task while my brain can relax.

Today I re-worked an anvil that was from my late father. I have it in my studio now for eleven years but never took the time to file away the rust and get in top-notch shape. So for one hour I just filled away the beautiful looking but not useful rust.


Till tomorrow!


art-retreat aambeeld 5084The anvil from my father, covered with rust


See more pictures in my google album: Art Residence - Monday 15th July

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