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Summer Art Residence At Home 2017

00 preparation 4813After organizing 2 weekends of summer gallery it is finally time for my own Art Residence At Home. In 2013 I created this special type of work week to recharge my creative battery. You can read all the stories about my previous experience on the SARAH 2013 page.

SARAH is all about play, experimenting and strengthing my creative muscle. 2013 was the first art retreat I did on my own. I learned a lot and had much fun. In 2014 I opted for a month long creative project with less hours a day. This wasn't as fulfilling as SARAH 2013, but as a result I started a closed sketching group on facebook. The one thing I found out was that I work best in concentrated periods. 

That's why I want to do a new Art Residence At Home.

This time I want to focus on 5 days of experimenting, drawing, and sculpting. The theme will be "gowth". What does growth mean to me? How is it visible in my work? Where else do I see growth? ...
I designed a specific programme tailored to my needs of growing. It will include drawing by nature, sand drawing, papermaking and sculpting with porcelainclay.

I will write about my creative activities in the evening on my blog, and post a link on the La Leipsig Jewels facebook page. On facebook you can write comments. Due to too much spam & hacker activities I have disabled comments on my site. But through facebook we can have our conversation.

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First day will be Sunday 23 of July.

See You!

Creating effective work patterns

silver focus pendant peridotAs a creative entrepreneur I am boss over my own time. That sounds great but in real live I was having some problems lately. I am talking about my facebook addiction, because that is what it is. Too often I reach for my phone to "check" on news & notifications, chipping away from my creative time.

Contemplating & rewriting the text of my Earth collection, it dawned upon me. I needed to change the pattern! Make new habits and protect myself from going "down the rabbit hole". To use my time effectively to create jewellery or written content.

So I de-activated my personal fb-account. Cold Turkey!
This will stay at least for 1 week. Then I evaluate if I want to keep it that way. Writing it down here on my blog feels good, like I have an accountability partner :-)

The La Leipsig Jewels facebook page is a different beast. I use it as a way to promote my brand. And I will continue to do so. Better even, I will have more time to create meaningful content. It will give me focus. 

My new pattern of working will be creating jewels or writing content in the morning. During lunch time I can post a picture, drawing or blog-link on my La Leipsig instagram account or La Leipsig Jewels page. In the afternoon and evening I have time for garden work, cooking, visiting friends and social work.

Another way of keeping in touch is subscribing to my newsletter.
Then you get a seasonal compilation of my activities with a maximum of 4 letters a year.

Well, that's it. I am of to my studio, got a new idea brewing :-)


A Book for a Book

A silver miniature book pendant.

Sometimes people come to me for a special commission. Often it is a request for work that is not related to my collections. I have to consider whether I can take on that particular job. Sometimes I refer to a fellow goldsmith, because I feel that the job is in better hands at their place.

But when I got the request from Toon to make a miniature book pendant, I didn't hesitate. I wanted to make the pendant. As a booklover and owner of a Little Library it was a commission I loved to make.

During the interview we came to a rough shape. An opened booklet with text on the pages, processed into a pendant. The text was written by Toon himself for his beloved Maria. How do I proceed from there? First I let the intent of the contract and the rough sketches act awhile for me. Eventually I get moving. The creative process involved the following steps:

  • How was I going to put the text in the silver? A handwriting was absolutely the best. There were many tests needed to find the right size!
  • What format would the book get, and in what proportions?
  • I had to make a special polymer mould on which the silverclay would dry.
  • Forming the silverclay, soldering the eyes on the back.
  • Then the finishing; gold on the sides and oxidising the words with sulfur, to make them black.

This gives an impression of my creative process. It was a great project to work on.
When the pendant was collected, Toon brought a book with him.
While he gave it to me he said "A book for a book" ...

The process of making a silver book pendant.


A present for my Soul

Fools earrings kim noguieraWhen I laid my eyes on The Fool  earrings from Kim Nogueira, I knew they were mine.

Since my 22th birthday I have a deck of tarot cards given to me by a dear friend. This May I will have the deck for 28 year and they are very precious to me, I've used them a lot.

I work with the cards as a vehicle for introspection (never for future prediction!), connecting me to the wonderful world of subconsciousness.

It made me read Jung and other related work that helped develop myself in various ways. My Inner Star series is inspired by a quote from Jan Ton, I read it in one of the many books I have about Tarot.

The fool is my soul card. I will wear these often and when I won't, they will be hanging visible in my studio. It will be reminders of my inner growth.

Thank you Kim, for making these precious jewels, we are forever connected now.
And yes, I wished you could have delivered them in person.

Picture from the earrings by Kim.
Kim is one of the many talented artists taking part at Gallery Pôle Bijou in 
From 16th January until 11th June 2017 - Baccarat - France.

This is my bruised and battered deck of Rider-Waite cards. The 8th of pentakels is also a favorite card. I associate it with me being a metalsmith. The other two are the Star and Magician.

fool deck tarot cards


Looking for an Indian Summer: A journey to New England.

Seeing the fall colors was the inspiration my sister and I had for travelling to the beautiful states of New Hampshire and Vermont. It was a full packed journey with meeting lots of friends along the way.

We visited Anne and John in Seekonk, Massachusetts, who took us, among other things, to Providence for a short and sweet history tour and on a gorgeous sunset boat tour on the Narragansett Bay seeing all ten-lighthouses.

In Maine while visiting the Acadian National park we met with Bruce and Barbera. Barb is part of my Quantity sketching group and also a talented Metal Clay artist. We went lobster fishing to catch our diner and in the morning Barb and I played in her studio. 

Islesford maine


Later we met at Lake Sunapee NH a part of the Greater Boston Metal Clay Chapter. Playing with felt and Metal Clay, inspired discussions and a competition in a hilarious card game. So grateful that they planned their retreat around our visiting time.

While we visited Boston to learn from the colonist history by walking the history Trail we met Lori in a cocktail bar. For a full fun packed hour Lori, my sister and I had a wonderful conversation.

Boston metal clay


Then a day on Cape Cod; from the manmade Canal to Provincetown. Some history about the Pilgrims first encounter with America and looking at the Atlantic waves. We could see at Juliette's place that Cape Cod must be a delightful place to spent the holidays.

To fully understand the colonist period we visited Plimoth Pilgrim Plantation and the Mayflower. It must have been a hell of a job to try making a living of the land for those first colonists coming from England. Lucky for them that the native Americans taught them a few things. Like how to grow mais and make food out of it. It was fun talking to the re-enactors living in the village. They even spoke a little bit of old Dutch!

In two state parks we spent a lot of time: The White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Here Nature was our friend. Sparkling waterfalls, mountains covered with trees dressed in fall colors and mystic misty lakes with shores we could relax on.

And yes, we did find the fall colors. What a delightful inspiration for the next months!

Adirondack Mountains in fall


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