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Etruscan Gold Fibula, back.This last May holiday I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Rome. Ofcourse I went to the Vatican Museum to see the many art objects that live in this place.

Among the treasures there was the Etruscan departement. The Etruscan were one of the most important civilisations of ancient pre-Roman Italy. Their skills in working with gold were amazing. The piece that I want to show in this post is a Fibula. But a very special one. It's a very big parade-fibula, around 30 cm high. It has been dated 675-650 B.C.

Technique's used are embossing (gold worked in relief with punches) and granulation (micro-soldered spherical drops used to create decorative designs).

Animal motives are used that are typical for the ancient traditions of the Near East.

As I state on my Pinterest board Jewellery through the Ages, I am always amazed what my fellow craftsmen from long ago could accomplish without the means of electricity. 

Etruscan Gold Fibula

Etruscan Gold Fibula, detail.

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